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Supercars Sandown Live

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Supercars Sandown Live

Supercars Sandown Live

Supercars Championship 2018

You can watch Supercars at Sandown racing event on our live streaming through our online web-streaming service. This event is organized under Supercars Championship and it will play on the track of Sandown Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The track has 1294 meters with 12 turns in it.

The official sponsor for this 3-day event is Sandown 500, it is named by this because the travel of the racing distance is 500 kilometres. It was first held in 1964 and it has around 161 laps to cover, which is too much and long enough for drivers. But they do everything for a win and that’s the beauty of this event.

Watch the Super Cars from this 14 Sept only on our live streaming website which gives you full access to enjoy the racing range from around the globe.

Event Title: Supercars Sandown Live
Organized Under: Supercars Championship 2018
Circuit Length: (1294 meters) with 12 turns
Place: Sandown Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
City/State/Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Day & Date: Friday, 14th September 2018 to Sunday, 16th September 2018

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